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Tessa Wines

Tessa Wines is the Practice Manager at Animal Care Extraordinaire.

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Tessa Wines, Stuart Receptionist

Tessa Wines

Meet Tessa, a dedicated veterinary professional with an Associate's degree in Biology from Indian River State College and nearing certification as a veterinary technician. Passionate about animal welfare, Tessa is a loving parent to two children who share the same enthusiasm for animals. Their home is a haven for four rescued dogs, each with a unique tale of recovery.

Tessa, previously the practice manager of Sunrise City Animal Hospital, brings a wealth of experience, having started as a technician during its earlier phase as the Animal Emergency and Referral Center. Now stepping into the role of practice manager at Animal Care Extraordinaire, Tessa is well-prepared to oversee the merger and ensure smooth operations. With a history of navigating multiple transitions, Tessa's flexibility and creativity have been key in encouraging continuous growth. She views change as a transformative process, akin to a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly, and aims to lead her team through positive transformations in the pursuit of ongoing success.

What distinguishes Tessa is an unwavering commitment to patient care. Actively pursuing ongoing education, they strive to implement best practices, creating an environment at Animal Care Extraordinaire where a client can trust in the exceptional care provided for their furry loved ones. Tessa is dedicated to fostering a supportive workplace that prioritizes both patient well-being and staff satisfaction.

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